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Ramin Aghevli



Ramin Aghevli has been a patent attorney since 1997. He has worked extensively in both private and corporate practice, analyzing, managing, prosecuting, mining, licensing, litigating, and enforcing worldwide patent portfolios.

Ramin’s legal experience spans many technologies including automotive and autonomous driving, computer graphics, computer networking/interconnects, image processing, Internet of Things/cellular IoT, medical devices, processor and computer architecture and instructions, security including software/hardware based cryptographic solutions, semiconductors/packaging/MEMS, and software including Compilers. 

Ramin has written well over 600 patent applications for a diverse client base and prosecuted patent applications in the U.S. Patent Office as well as foreign jurisdictions. 

Of particular note, Ramin managed Sun Microsystems’ processor portfolio as well as all legal matters for Planet U, a San Francisco-based Internet startup. As in-house senior intellectual property counsel for Sun Microsystems and director of intellectual property and privacy for Planet U, Ramin successfully negotiated and finalized multi-party settlement agreements for pending lawsuits, prepared and negotiated numerous agreements to promote company services, and managed outside law firms in patent lawsuits and other general legal matters.

In private practice, Ramin has worked at Townsend and Townsend in Palo Alto and San Francisco; Blakely, Sokoloff, Taylor and Zafman in Denver; and Lee and Hayes in Denver, prior to starting his own law firm. Prior to law school, Ramin worked at the Washington University Medical School, supporting medical research in many areas, including the Human Genome Project by designing software and hardware solutions for affiliated faculty and staff throughout the United States and Europe.


●    Automotive and Autonomous Driving

●    Computer Graphics

●    Computer Networking/Interconnects

●    Image Processing

●    Internet of Things/Cellular IoT

●    Medical Devices

●    Patent Licensing

●    Patent Litigation Support/Analysis

●    Processor and Computer Architecture and Instructions

●    Security including Software and Hardware based Cryptographic Solutions

●    Semiconductors/Packaging/MEMS

●    Software including Compilers


  • University of New Hampshire (FPLC) - Juris Doctor

  • Washington University - BS in Computer Science and BS in Electrical Engineering


  • State Bar of California (inactive)

  • State Bar of Colorado

  • Registered to Practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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